Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Aztec jacket all black?

Hi there!                                                                        

The evil, evil world wide web!
I saw this jacket and could not buy! This is a master piece...aztec pattern and leather two favourite fashion trends paired in the one and only Goosecraft much love ;-P
Sadly Goosecraft did not want to work with me, but I had to spend my money for this awesome jacket..BUT I purchased it from  -amazing customer service :-)
Sometime it is hard for me to be company wants to work with you...I never wrote this here, but now I have to...I still cannot understand why companies want to work with mainstream bloggers...(Like shirt and jeans bloggers) Don't get me wrong please, but I think it would be awesome to show more colorful and unique bloggers....:-D So don't be afraid to get your inspiration!

Jacket:     (Goosecraft)
Burned velvet tee:          Black milk clothing
Skirt:                             H&M
Shoes:                           Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Wow....die wissen nicht, was die verpassen! Super Combo , zwar ungewöhnlich für dich, trotzdem toll.Sehr gelungen wie ich finde! Tja, du bist halt was Besonderes! Die anderen Blogger bekommen alles geschenkt, du zahlst für deine Sachen...daher kennst du auch dessen Wert!!!

  2. Supertoll Leder und Aztekenmuster...sehr schön! Bin auf weitere Post gespannt!

  3. Dein Sinn für Mode ist einfach überragend und sehr orginell...mich wundert es dass du wenig Follower hast...liebe Grüsse!