Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Going wild with TRASH King Kong leggings part 3

Guten Morgen                     (English below)

Taarraaaa, und hier kommt die 3 Stylingmöglichkeit für die King Kong Leggings.
Da es an dem Tag sehr kalt war, griff ich zur Zottelweste, die mich doch schon an Gorillafell erinnert:-D

Ich hoffe, die Zusammenstellung gefällt euch:-)

Good morning!

As I promised- the third part of King Kong leggings pics!

I choosed the fake fur vest for this combination, it reminds me on gorilla fur:-D
I hope you will like it:-D


  1. Thanks for the hype on lookbook!!!!
    i love your look
    i am following you on gfc hope you follow back!!!!!
    i feature blogs if you are interested let me knoW!!

    1. Thanks so much :-)))
      Your blog is so nice, I will follow:-)